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Be a High Performer with Energy Infrastructure-As-A-Service

Your building is a complex machine in which various pieces of equipment - or infrastructure - manage heating, cooling and the flow of water, making it a safe and comfortable environment for your employees and customers. However, as this infrastructure ages and becomes less efficient, both your comfort and energy budget is negatively impacted. For most building owners, this sub-optimal equipment is operated for years until it finally fails creating an impact to operations.

The Smart Energy Co-Op has created an alternative path in which new infrastructure can be self-funding based on the energy savings it delivers. This typically allows infrastructure to be upgraded more routinely and without negatively impacting a business’s borrowing capacity.

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SECO will provide you a free energy infrastructure assessment, negotiated discounts on heating, cooling & H20 equipment, zero-down PACE financing with savings on day-one and much, much more. Please take a look at the latest documentation to learn more. If you would like to discuss details in person, please contact us.