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Driving the Future - A Path Toward 100% Domestic, Clean & Green Energy

Buckle up! Electric vehicles (EVs) are getting better, cheaper and will soon be a viable alternative for many vehicle types. This is especially true for fleets and buses for which EVs already offer a lower total-cost-of-ownership. However, the transition to EV fleets and the realization of all of these benefits requires some expertise. Luckily, the Smart Energy Co-Op team has been a pioneer in the EV space for years. Looking to exploit the benefits of converting to an EV fleet or to provide EV charging to your employees or customers?

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SECO-MD will provide you zero-down financing of EV fleets, bundling of EV & electricity (fuel) payments into a single bill, deployment of charging infrastructure that is smart grid-ready and much, much more. Please take a look at the latest documentation to learn more. If you would like to discuss details in person, please contact us.