Smart Energy Services For Homes & Businesses

High-efficiency lighting, solar panels, battery storage, “smart” thermostats and off-site renewables can deliver savings, resiliency and control to your home or business. However, selecting, financing and deploying these new technologies is complicated and has risks.

The Smart Energy Co-Op of Maryland (SECO-MD) makes these new technologies:

Simple Affordable Low-Risk

How? Simple, strength in numbers. SECO-MD uses the volume of its membership to organize bulk purchases, financing, installation, maintenance and other services that smooth adoption and mitigate risks. Bottomline, members get new energy services at lower costs and lower risks then could be achieved independently.

What Can The Co-Op Do For You?

100% Green Energy  

Go Green While Preserving Your Bottom Line

Green energy has historically been expensive but rapidly declining costs allow SECO-MD to offer 100% green electricity at the same cost as “brown” power. There is simply no reason not to “Go Green”.
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30% Savings in 90 Days  

Give Us 90-Days & We'll Deliver 30% Savings A Year For 10 Years

Dramatically grow your bottom-line by getting cheaper energy and using a lot less of it. Take advantage of energy-saving technologies without the risk, brain damage and up-front costs. Improve comfort, control and cashflow.
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Make vs. Buy  

Make vs. Buy

Solar PV on your roof can be an excellent way of lowering energy costs while creating long-term price stability.
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Power-Through Grid Outages  

Toughen Up

Power outages can have a costly impact on your home and business. Battery storage coupled with a small generator can power-through grid interruptions and help lower insurance costs.
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Clean, Cheap and 100% Local Energy  

Driving Energy Independence - 100% Domestic, Clean & Green Energy

EVs use domestic energy supporting energy independence for the Country and your independence from the gas pump. They provide a better driving experience, can be powered with green electricity and over the long-term have a lower total cost of ownership.
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Energy Efficiency As-A-Service  

Your Building Should Be A High-Performer!

Upgraded mechanical systems in your building can deliver huge savings. Energy Infrastructure-As-A-Service replaces this equipment at no up-front cost while savings pay for it and and deliver improved comfort and control.
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How to Join Us

Joining the Smart Energy Co-Op of Maryland is easy and for a limited time, membership is FREE and has NO-OBLIGATION.

Simply send an e-mail to us and say "Sign Me Up" to enroll.

e-mail sign me up

As a member, you will begin seeing email communications from SECO-MD regarding its activities and other offers and services. Should you choose, you can become active in SECO-MD activities or even help in formulating SECO-MD initiatives. Or, if uninterested, you can simply unsubscribe from the SECO-MD communications at any time.

Policy & Advocacy

"Smart Energy" technologies are creating thousands of jobs, billions of dollars in economic activity and gigawatt-hours of clean, local energy. Much of this success is due to smart energy policy decisions and good legislation at the local, state and federal levels.

Due to its work, the Smart Energy Co-Op of Maryland has unique industry insights and formulates and advocates for policy recommendations that are good for its Members, rate-payers and the security and reliability of the electric grid.

Want to know more? Please read "Maryland Solar - An Industry at the Crossroads" and forward it along to others.

Please stay on top of the issues and connect with your legislators through the Smart Energy Co-Op Policy Action Center.

About The Smart Energy Co-Op of Maryland

The Smart Energy Co-Op of Maryland is a voluntary and member-directed organization that exists solely to help Maryland home and business owners secure the benefits of new energy technologies at the lowest possible cost and risk.

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